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Sound Birth


Empowered Birth Training

Learn how the power of sound & movement

support blissful birthing experiences!

The new science of psychoacoustics— the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system— shows that frequency can relieve pain and benefit other conditions,” says Dr. Andrew Weil, endorsing the healing effects of listening to crystal bowls. 


In this training we share powerful and effective sound tools that will assist you to create an empowered pregnancy, birth and motherhood.


This training is designed for pregnant women, partners, midwives, doulas and other birth professionals.       

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Training highlights:

  • Preparing emotionally, mentally and physically for birth

  • Exploring natural, powerful and effective pain management

  • Learning transformational tools that will empower your pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Creating a natural birth plan

  • The use of the human voice as a powerful tool in birth

  • How to give partners a supportive role to play 

  • The use of instruments as focusing tools

  • Exploring ancient and indigenous birthing practices

  • How to create an empowering and positive birth experience

  • Techniques to create a strong bond between you and your baby

This training includes five hours of experiential and presentation style learning. Depending on location, number of participants and other additional training options the cost ranges from $333 and up. 

It includes a light snack, a natural birth plan and sound birth booklet. Contact us to book your empowered birth training.

"The vocal nourishment that the mother provides to the child is just as important to the child’s development as her milk."

-Dr.Alfred Tomatis

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