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resonance of your essence


quantum transformation

Experience a holistic three month journey of self discovery, empowerment and authenticity. We explore the art of quantum manifestation to create your heart's desires!

​In this program we take a deep dive into your beliefs, unconscious patterns, core values, and ancestry to remember your divine essence within. Discover who you are free from judgement, shame, rejection and limitations.


We go deep into the essence of what it means to be human and the nature of reality. We take things down to the quantum realms to dissolve into pure potentiality. In this space we can choose to creatively and freely recreate ourselves from our truest most authentic expression.

We truly have this power and it is my passion to help you attain this level of manifesting prowess.   


This is a one-on-one mentorship program where you get the synthesis of the most profound information and practices that I have been studying and offering since 2011. It is a true honour and joy to support clients on their evolutionary journey!  


Imagine if you were celebrated for being the most radically authentic version of yourself. Imagine if you were securely attached to your truest expression and loved yourself unconditionally. These imaginations take root as you move through this program. 


We can heal others or manifest things by changing the subconscious thought patterns and collapsing the quantum wave functions through conscious attention.

-Amit Ray

Program highlights:
  • Learn how to map emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually your cycles of thoughts and behaviours  

  • Exploring holistic stress management

  • Learning transformational tools that support authentic expression

  • Creating lasting habits and cyclical rituals to enliven your desires

  • The use of the human voice as a powerful tool in manifestation

  • Lifelong toolkit for resilience and manifesting

  • The use of music as a self discovery tool

  • Exploring ancient and mystical manifestation philosophies 

  • How to create experiences of reflection and integration

  • Techniques to create a strong bond with yourself and others

  • Practices and playlists to help with strengthening your essence

  • Quantum physics approach to manifesting

  • Tools to remember your authentic self and process trauma

  • Connecting with lunar cycles and cycles of nature 

  • Mindfulness, breathwork and embodiment techniques

  • Understanding of neuroscience and psychology 

  • Psychosomatic manifesting practices  

This program is for people who have found themselves at a crossroads knowing they need to change their ways. Do you feel stuck, lost, frustrated, or stagnant? Are you ready to learn and explore new ways of thinking and behaving to create the life you desire? Do you believe it is possible to change? Are you willing to let go of negative behaviours and patterns that don't serve you? Do you want to manifest your dream life by taking responsibility of your resonance? Did you experience a resounding YES to these questions? If so keep following that inner guidance and let me know your thoughts on this program!

This program includes three 90 minute sound journey's and six hours of experiential and presentation style learning. We meet once per week for 9 weeks and there is approximately 9 hours of additional learning material and practices for a total of 20 hours of time investment. This is well worth the lifetime of manifesting prowess that you will yield! In-person and online options are available. The exchange for this program is $1888 taxes included.   


Practice seeing possibilities. When you focus on what you already know, you keep creating the same reality.

-Jeanne McElvaney

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