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About Sonic Expressions


We are a family business dedicated to supporting community wellness. 

Sonic Expressions explores how we can apply sound and mindfulness to support connection and well-being.
We are a social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of community members through educational and therapeutic support services.

We believe it takes a village to cultivate personal and collective well-being. As an important part of a community infrastructure, Sonic Expressions creates space for the collaboration, resource sharing, and culture development that support collective health and resilience.

We prioritize a triple bottom line, ensuring our impact on people and the planet is balanced with profits. We aim to excel in sustainable, ethical, and impactful business practices, tracking our success through various impact measurement tools.

Our Mission is to share the power of sound and mindfulness to support healthy mind-body and social connection.

Our Impact Goals

  • Restore Energy & Focus

Knowledge of effective tools and strategies for increasing mental and physical stamina

  • Reduce Stress & Increase Resilience

Proactive and positive wellness practices leading to increased overall health and well-being

  • Increase Personal & Social Connection

Nourishing practices and opportunities for healthy connection with oneself and community


Our Approach

We have spent over a decade crafting this framework from personal and professional experience. It is always evolving to meet our ever-changing needs in this modern world we live in. Our services are grounded in our Sound Living Framework, which is a dynamic and individualized approach to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.

Our Sound Living Framework

Sound Mind- Knowledge that supports cognitive wellness and optimal performance

Sound Body- Strategies that effectively manage stress and nourish well-being and resilience

Sound Connection- Creating stronger relationships to build a better world

Each of our services includes therapeutic sound tools and nature-inspired elements applied using a “whole-person” approach. The framework is a proactive strategy that supports psychological and physiological health. Blending natural elements with technology and science to deliver innovative services that can increase energy, focus, and overall well-being.

Our Values

Integrity- We guarantee to provide honest and reliable services with the highest ethics, commitments and accountability.

Quality- We prioritize delivering the highest quality services through innovative, effective, and measurable approaches.

Impact- Our services are designed to generate the most value for our clients. We are dedicated to measuring this impact and continually improving it.

Collaboration- We believe in the power of community and cooperative principles. We support local and global communities working to increase the well-being of people and the land.

Sustainability- We strive to be sustainable in all our business activities from local banking to printing sustainably. We take into consideration the people and the planet before we take action.

Creativity- We use creativity to evolve our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our modern world and deliver unique therapeutic and educational experiences.

Diversity/Culture- We provide a safe, inclusive and healthy space for all people and cultures to find energy, focus, and connection in a way that feels right for them.

Empowerment- We believe all people have the right to sound living and the knowledge, tools, and strategies that make this possible. We are passionate about sharing the power of sound and awareness to empower people everywhere.

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