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Hello curious friend, my name is Lauren Bartfai and I am grateful you have taken the time to explore this page. I'd love to connect and hear what interests you about all things sound, healing and expansion! Building conscious community is at the heart of all my offerings so please reach out if you feel the call! 

I am a mother, social entrepreneur, multimedia artist, dancer and visionary holding a deep sense of service to humanity. I love to inspire and support others in their evolutionary process.


For over a decade I have been offering diverse wellness services and exploring the interplay of sound, light and awareness for personal and collective expansion. I am passionate about delivering deeply transformative experiences to raise consciousness, love and harmony.

Being in nature and ceremony are two of my greatest joys and when they are combined with those that I love I am truly ecstatic! I believe in our ability to consciously co-create the lives that are aligned with our hearts desires. It is a honour to support others in walking their highest vibrational expression, with confidence, clarity and connection. 

We have one miraculous life and I am here to humbly serve while experiencing the full range of ecstatic bliss possible. I lead by example and am here to serve as your guide and permission slip to live in resonance with your highest resonance! 

I founded Sonic Expressions in 2014 after my son was born(at home in the water with crystal singing bowls playing....more on this in the Sound Birth Training Program). Before this I spent three years with incredible mentors on Vancouver Island in the healing arts and consciousness studies. All of my services are born from deep spaces of direct experience coupled with integral mentorships and plenty of integration time.


I believe learning from mentors is an important humanistic transfer of knowledge and skills that profoundly accelerates our growth and understanding. This is why I continue to learn with my decade long mentors(at this point we are dear friends) and offer this style of teaching to those that resonate with my programs. 

Sonic Expressions is a vehicle through which I am blessed to curate immersive sound journey's, ceremony's and unique mentorship programs that elevate consciousness and love. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of my unfolding story. I look forward to weaving our collective evolutionary journey! 


Fundamentally ecstacy means to transcend yourself, to go outside and beyond what you think, know and believe is possible. An esctatic state is a glimpse into the infinite.

- Margot Anand -

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