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Mindfulness Supports Well-being 

Learn how to cultivate mental wellness and resilience during this uncertain time 

It is important to have a clear and calm mind to be able to navigate our current global pandemic. We have recently redesigned our mindfulness services to be relevant, dynamic and online to meet the ever changing needs of people during this uncertain time.

Sonic Expressions is an educational and therapeutic support service helping individuals, families, groups and organizations enhance mental wellness.


We provide interactive online training in mindfulness using specialized sound tools, biofeedback technology and a diverse collection of meditative practices. Additionally we facilitate online Sonic Mindfulness Experiences which are live immersive soundscapes designed to invoke states of relaxation, restoration and connection.

We focus on providing personalized practices and strategies that support emotional regulation, stress management and overall well-being. Our holistic and innovative approach will shift the way you view mindfulness and its ability to empower your life. Discover how our art, science and technology based services optimize mind-body connection and wellness.

Our Services


Sonic Mindfulness Training

Discover your own personalized mindfulness practice that works for you! We explore intentional breathing exercises, movement and sound-based meditations and mindfulness strategies for personal well-being. This training is designed to increase your ability to cope with our current socially isolating and uncertain times.


Mindfulness, Music & Meaning Programs

Explore our wellness programs for children and families experiencing isolation. Our experiential online programs are designed to cultivate healthy emotional regulation, self expression, values and mind-body connection. Discover a variety of sound and movement based mindfulness practices for optimizing emotional intelligence and overall well-being.

Sonic Mindfulness Experience

Explore our designed soundscapes that nourish the nervous system and support healthy mind-body connection using therapeutic sound tools and awareness techniques. Allow stress to drift away as soothing sound waves wash over you, restoring your energy and sense of well-being.

Intergenerational Wellness Project

The Intergenerational Wellness Project is an initiative bringing together generations to cultivate healthy relationships and improve community wellness. We create online opportunities for generations to connect and grow through wellness-based programming.


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