Listening with purpose...


Tuning into the subtle Whispers
of the

Exploring Sound as a gateway 

To Peace         To Love        To Harmony       To Evolution

Being In Resonance with Life


The deeper we listen
The deeper we live

-Lauren Bartfai

My invitation to you...

Experience the power of therapeutic sounds to enhance well-being

Explore expansive sound offerings that are designed to restore balance to the nervous system and increase mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. 

Discover wellness workshops, sound baths, personal sound journeys and a unique therapeutic sound practitioner training program.


Hello dear friend, my name is Lauren and I am a multimedia artist in humble service to the expansion of love, connection and consciousness. Sharing art that has come from the depths of inner listening and desire to uplift humanity.

Crafting experiential environments of harmony, coherence and potentiality that invite you to dance with your essential nature. 

Drawing from over a decade of compassionate service and perpetual explorations into the interplay of sound, light and presence on the human experience.
May the sharing of my art support the evolutionary process we find ourselves collectively weaving.

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