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Mind-Body Wellness Workshops

Expanding possibilities with sound

Thank you for your interest in workshops! My name is Lauren and I have been facilitating wellness offerings since 2011. I bring my passion, diverse knowledge and experience to each workshop.  

Compassionate and integral care are infused into every workshop experience. Mindfulness, meditation, mental wellness tools, embodiment movement practices, women's health, team building, creative expansion and breathwork are a few of the topics that I have extensively studied and offered over the past decade. 

Below you will find a list of possibilities that are run by myself or available for your retreat/event.  ​

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Available Workshops

Each workshop is adaptable to your interests or themed event to best support your intended goals. They are structured with a balance of direct experience and didactic presentation style.


Blending engaging activities, informative discussions and reflective moments to integrate and anchor the experience. I focus on delivering the workshops in a playful atmosphere leading to grounded, experiential knowledge with the capacity to apply it. 

Mindfulness Introduction

Experience an informative and experiential introduction to mindfulness and meditation. I share the power of the breath and mind for overall well-being. We explore ways to regulate the nervous system that are way beyond sitting still on a cushion. I love sharing the many active ways to meditate and how to bring this knowledge into everyday life experiences. We discuss effective ways to manage stress and increase coherence and mental/emotional wellness. 

Sound Healing Introduction

Discover the beautiful world of Sound Healing as we discuss the foundational principles of this field. You will experience many sound healing instrument tools and how to apply them for Sound Healing. This workshop gives you the basics and opens gateways for you to discover as time unfolds. Expect lots of playful explorations and thought provoking perspectives throughout the workshop.


Sound Healing Instrument Play

A fun and direct experience of Sound Healing instruments for the purpose of playful experimentation. You will have access to many therapeutic instruments and be openly guided to explore them for your own benefit and others. In this workshop we focus on the power of play and the discovery process. Expect to connect and play with others as we find the joy in exploration and curiosity. Children and adult workshops are available.  


Sound Birthing

Learn how to use the power of your voice and sound to support you in your birthing journey. We explore how to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepare for birth and motherhood. You learn how to manage the intense waves of birth contractions through breath and vocalization. We explore ancient and cultural birthing practices and perspectives to nourish your mind and prepare emotionally for birth. Dads are also given tools to help with the birthing and family journey. Additionally, you discover how to use your voice and sounds to soothe your new child and ways to enhance your bond with them. Learn more about this here.

Sound for Sexual Wellness

You are invited to explore how to use the voice to deepen your sensuality and self expression. Gentle vocal meditations will support cleansing, clearing, balancing and building your sensual voice. You learn ways to find and strengthen your authentic sensual sounds for increased expression and pleasure. Experience the power of sound through yourself as a sacred instrument. Together we honour, acknowledge and celebrate this beautiful part of ourselves. Attuning within and resounding with our ecstatic nature and birthrights.

Sound & Cacao Ceremony

Add a ceremony to your event or plan an event around this beautiful opportunity to intentionally connect in a ceremonial way. There are many potential expressions of this offering and it can be customized for your intentions. I bring the cacao, a powerful heart opening plant medicine. We drink this deliciously smooth cacao after opening our ceremony and then flow into an intentional space with meditative sounds, discussions and connection. These ceremonies can have many themes so please reach out with your curiosities and intentions. Some examples of past ceremonies include celebrations of life, motherhood, sisterhood, life transitions, blessing new spaces, sexual healing, forgiveness and self-love. 

These workshops are also run independently by myself or with collaborators so please check the events page for possible opportunities to come to a workshop. Timing of workshops varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Pricing starts at $33 and up depending on the location, duration and type of workshop. Contact us to book a workshop that suites your unique needs.

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