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Our Services

Discover our in-person and online, experiential and innovative approach to mindfulness and wellness. All our services are customizable to suite your unique needs and intentions.


Sonic Mindfulness Experience

A personalized sound-based mindfulness meditation experience and recording for you and your wellness goals. 


Sound Journey

Personalized shamanic sound sessions designed around your unique wellness goals. A one-on-one therapeutic experience for expanded possibilities. 


Sound Bath

Nourish your nervous system with a soothing sound bath. Experience being immersed in harmonious sounds designed to support mind-body wellness.


Sonic Mindfulness Course

Learn how sound can enhance your life! Discover your own personalized mindfulness practice that works for you! We explore intentional breathing exercises, somatic practices, sound-based meditations and mindfulness strategies for personal well-being.


Therapeutic Sound Practitioner Training

Become a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner through a one-on-one mentorship training program! A deep dive into sound healing, and complimentary therapeutic sound services.   


Mind-Body Wellness Workshops

Diverse opportunities to explore the power of voice, sound and movement! Transformative retreat collaborations, educational offerings and connection opportunities. 


Explore our mindfulness teachings and offerings on YouTube!

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