Wellness Project

~Wellness For Every Generation~

The Intergenerational Wellness Project (IWP) is an initiative bringing together generations to cultivate relationships and improve community wellness. Our focus is to create online opportunities for generations to connect and grow.

We are, as a global society, currently facing a great need to socialize and build supportive community relationships. We believe that this is a critical time to innovate social systems to ensure we all thrive especially during social isolation.

We provide online programming that bridges the intergenerational gap! Our team trains post-secondary students to deliver programming that connects themselves, high school, and elementary school students with senior citizens to enhance each other's lives.


Our programs are music and wellness based, designed to increase well-being and intergenerational bonds. We work with youth to deliver our virtual programs to seniors in a mutual mentorship model. This allows all participants to feel valued for their unique life experiences and perspectives. 


Our Intended Impact

  • Reducing stress and loneliness in students and seniors.

  • Participants increase emotional regulation and healthy coping skills.

  • Participants build greater intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect.

  • Foster intergenerational relationships, strengthen community bonds, and inspire civic engagement.

  • Create access for students and seniors to connect and share lived experiences and perspectives.

Our mission is to connect generations through online music and wellness-based programs to increase community bonds, well-being and resilience.

We use impact measurement tools to ensure we are listening to our community and achieving our intended impact goals. 

Our Programs

We offer the following three programs that connect multiple generations using a personalized and cooperative approach.

Intergenerational Wellness Post-Secondary School Program

In this program we train post-secondary students how to facilitate our programs with senior citizens. They also have the option to go through our IWP mentor training to be able to facilitate our programs to high school and elementary school students with seniors.

Intergenerational Wellness High School Program

In this program our trained post-secondary mentors lead high school students through our IWP Facilitator Training. After this training a IWP mentor and high school student co-facilitate this program with a senior citizen.

Intergenerational Wellness Elementary School Program

In this program our trained post- secondary IWP mentors facilitate this program between an elementary student and a senior citizen.

To learn more or register for our programs please contact us!