Sound journey


personalized Private sessions

Thank you for your interest in a private sound journey! My name is Lauren and I bring over 11 years of compassionate service experience delivering therapeutic one-on-one sound sessions. 

Each sound journey is a unique meditative experience that are designed to soothe the mind and body. Blending guided breathing, visualizations and light movement into immersive harmonious soundscapes. 

Through deep listening and compassionate dialogue your current wellness intentions and desires are shared. Then you relax as diverse instrumental soundscapes and personalized vocal guidance unfolds for expanded possibilities of well-being.

These journeys support anything you wish to release and or amplify in your life. They are infused with intuitive insights and deep experiential knowledge for your highest resonance.


Sound journeys offer participants time and space to relax and soften into altered states of consciousness. These deeper states of awareness allow the body to activate the healer within, our innate intelligence that knows how to regulate the body and expand our mind.


In these expanded states new possibilities of wellness blossom in our mind, body and Spirit.   


“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”

-Maria Von Trapp


“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”

-Debasish Mridha


Potential benefits of a sound journey:

-Mood boost 

-Enhanced creativity and sense of well-being

-Deep relaxation

-Stress release and reduction

-Enhanced cognitive functioning

-Increased focus and productivity

-Increased feelings of belonging 

-Decrease in feelings of loneliness and depression  

-Lower blood pressure 

-Boost immune system and energy levels

-Improved breathing and heart rate

-Nervous system regulation

-Enhanced intuition and sensory sensitivity

-Inner child healing

-Shifting negative beliefs 

-Stress management

-Deep healing


Sound Journeys are designed for those who want:

-To take a deeper dive into your healing and wellness journey

-To experience relaxation and inner peace

-To learn ways of reducing stress in the mind and body

-To learn about sound as gateways into deeper levels of awareness, wellness and personal potential

-To explore the therapeutic benefits of sound

-To dial in or start your own sound practice for well-being and conscious expansion

-To be able to blend meditation, mindfulness and movement into wellness practices

-A deeper dive into how sound can increase our human potential

No meditation experience or knowledge is necessary! Sound journeys are 90 minutes long for in-person sessions and 30-90 minutes long for online sessions. Both in-person and virtual sessions are available starting at $45 online and $120 in-person. Recording options are also available so you can enjoy the experience for a lifetime!