Mindfulness, Music & Meaning

We have two experiential online programs to serve children and families through this isolating and challenging time. Both programs are designed to cultivate healthy emotional regulation, self expression, values and mind-body connection.


Discover a variety of sound and movement based mindfulness practices for optimizing emotional intelligence and overall well-being.

Benefits of our Programs:

  • Discharging stress

  • Emotional regulation

  • Self regulation

  • Healthy coping skills

  • Providing structure & positivity

  • Immune boosting breathing & movement practices

  • Relaxation

  • Stress management

  • A musical & artistic approach to mindfulness

  • Cultivating values to support navigation through challenging times

  • Creating space at home to recenter, reflect and recharge

  • Healthy emotional expression

  • Cultivating compassion for self and others

Studies show that mindfulness can reduce and alleviate stress, induce a state of relaxation and improve general health.

Mindfulness, Music & Meaning Children's Program

Our children's program allows for adults to complete other tasks while children participate in a one-on-one live video experience. This program offers children healthy stimulation and movement. 

Mindfulness, Music & Meaning Family Program

Our family program allows for the whole family to connect and explore thoughts, feelings and well-being. This is a great way to learn how to stay balanced while everyone stays together at home. Modelling mindfulness is a great way to inspire healthy living for your children and helps the whole family cope with our new “normal.”

We offer a three session package and a six session package for each program. Each session is 45 minutes and is completed with a mindfulness facilitator online through a live video platform. To sign up for Mindfulness, Music & Meaning Programs please contact us!